Feb 11, 2009

The Book of Never Letting Go

I just finished The Knife of Never Letting Go. Wow. That's just about all I can say. What a great book. The first night I read until 12:30 and knew I was in trouble. Sometimes a book just comes along and it is all you can concentrate on until that book gets read. All of the Harry Potter (at least 4 and up) were that way for me. It got to the point where I would just tell my family up front that when the book comes out I will be at the store at midnight and will not be available for anything until I was finished. Luckily, the HP books always came out in the summer so they would usually go rafting and leave me alone for the whole day.

Last summer it was Breaking Dawn. I bought it right away, but didn't start it until about a week later. Then, of course, I couldn't stop. I think it really irritated my sister-in-law, but about two months later she started reading Twilight for the first time, then she understood.

At any rate here is how I know that I have stumbled upon something great (at least to me):
*I read at stoplights and in the drive through lines.
*I read until way past my "bedtime."
*I want to exercise so I can put the book on my treadmill thus sneaking in an extra half hour of reading without my kids bothering me.

Most books fulfill the above requirements but if it is truly great, here is the milestone:

I turn off the TV even on a night where there are new episodes of the shows that I watch.

I did this with The Knife. Now, how long do I have to wait for the next one (I just hope it comes out in the summer and not during a sweeps month!).

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