Jan 30, 2009

I Read Ahead

I do it all the time. When I am reading a book I sometimes get excited to see how it ties up or if people end up together, whatever, so I just skip to the end. Most people would be horrified to know this because they would never do such a thing. But, there has been maybe one time when I haven't finished a book because of what I read happened at the end. The majority of the time it whets my appetite because I always want to know how that situation ended up happening or when did that character get introduced.

I tired to read ahead this morning. I am reading a book called Erec Rex: The Dragons' Eye because it was very highly recommended. I like the idea and the characters, but for some reason it is really slow going. The problem is that I cannot really read ahead because I think anything I read will just kind of confuse me. So, I sit here debating, do I finish (I am past my 100 page rule) or do I skip to the end and try to build some excitement?

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