Jan 23, 2009

Reluctant No More

One of my news year's resolutions is to not refer to my boys as "reluctant" readers. While they are not readers by choice, neither of them are actually poor at it and I think reluctant (at least in Carter's mind) is the same as saying "bad." He is not a bad reader. Plus I have been working like anything to get him to enjoy it and we are finding things he likes. I really want to emphasis the positive in how he reads. Also, I am setting some personal goals for him and Max and their reading.

1. This year I am going to keep reading aloud (and yes, I will count it on their reading minutes for school so suck it monkeys). I am going to read them:
Where the Red Fern Grows (we actually have already started this)
The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles (who does not think of this book fondly from back when their teacher read it to them in school? I don't think any of their teachers have read it yet so I am going to)
Bunnicula (because I want to read this and never have and I think it is right up Max's alley).

2. I am going to always have a book on my ipod that we are listening to together so we can listen whenever we are spending time in the car. I am going to start with Henry Huggins because I started reading that aloud to them a year ago and we got sidetracked and because Neil Patrick Harris does the audio book (awesomeness!). Also, because when I read them Homer Price last year they really enjoyed it so I know that books from simpler times are still of value even to my Wii loving boys!

4. I am going to recommit to the Warnell Book Club because when we go to dinner together it is truly not about discussing the book, but about having time together. I have loved the times when we have gone. We need to do Diary of a Wimpy Kid #3 soon. Then I am going to have us do is Stormbreaker because I have been wanting to read this again and because I have the audio version. I am going to have Carter listen to it and read along when he can. And, I love that Alex Rider!

5. This will be the hardest: I am going to have some nights where I just don't have the TV on. We used to do "no tech" afgter 7 pm, but making that a "rule" just made it a problem. If I just don't have the TV it might be more effective. But, March Madness is coming up soon...

Overall, I am just going to relax. I can accept they will never be like me (who knows?) but I cannot accept them not reading. I can fix that.

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