Jan 19, 2009

Judging a Book By It's...

I have read two very good books recently that I had put off reading due to their covers.

The Girl Who Could Fly: It looked like a sweet tale of a farm girl finding her way in the world with an unusual gift. Or maybe she couldn't really fly but dreamed she could. Well, it was a lot like my first impression--a young farm girl who can fly, but the book barely took place on a farm. It was very good, but there was a sinister, sci-fi element to this book that was not even hinted at by the cover. I loved it, and I especially loved Piper McCloud, the main character.

The New Policeman: This book looks totally sci-fi and the jacket synopsis made it sound sci-fi-ish. I checked it out I think three times before I started it. I loved it. It was not at all sci-fi-ish. A bit magical, but over all, the best part was all of the Irish folklore that was included. The sequel is out and I am so excited to read it!!

So, lesson learned.

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