Jan 18, 2009

8 Girls From Books I Would Take as Daughters...

I have two boys (blessing or curse? you decide). I have always wanted a girl and when I read books that have a girl as a main character I can't help thinking about whether I would want that character as a daughter. Here are my top picks:

8. Anne Shirley: When I read Anne of Green Gables I was much younger and would have rather had Anne as a best friend. Now I am older and think she would make a pretty cool daughter, but I still think of her as a best friend.

7. Beezus (or Ramona): Growing up I was so much more like Ramona and I am sure that my older sister felt the most like Beezus. But, as a mom, I think Beezus would be more appealing as a daughter, whereas Ramona would be more fun. Actually they kind of remind me of my boys--a responsible older child and an imaginative hyper-er younger child.

6. Piper McCloud: I just started this book, but she is the reason I started making this list. She just seems so sweet and in need of a hug--we'll see how the rest of the book goes!

5. Nancy Drew: I think she would be my favorite to have as a teenager. I realize that in her books she doesn't have a mother so she always seems so self-sufficient, but if she had a mother, I think she would have been a great daughter.

4. Ruby Lavender: I would love Ruby as a daughter, but when I read this I thought that what I really want is to be a granma like hers when I am a grandma.

3. Allie Finkle: Actually, as much as I adore Allie, when she first met her new next door neighbor Ericka, I thought that she would be pretty much exactly how my daughter would be if I had one!

2. Fern: I don't think that there is anything more to say. Fern would be fantastic as a daughter, I mean, she can talk to animals!!

1. Any one of the Penderwicks: Oh, I love these books and I love these girls. I would take any one of them (or all of them) as my daughter(s).

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  1. If you love the Penderwick girls, then I'd add Kat, Incorrigible to your TBR. Kat and her sisters are every bit as charming, sweet, and rambunctious.