Feb 15, 2009

And They Don't Fight!

I have been putting audio books on my ipod for me and my sons to listen to when we are out and about driving around. It can be for ten minutes or two hours, but they are loving this and whenever we get in the car they want to listen to the story. The best part of this, in my opinion, is that I am able to introduce them to what I consider the classics. No matter how good my intentions are I cannot always fit reading aloud into our daily routine. Last year I started Henry Huggins, but never got it finished. So, this fall I started it in the car and we were done within a week. And let's face it, Neil Patrick Harris does a better job than I do when it comes to narrating a story! Here's what we have listened to:

They are listening to some of my favorite books. And they love Henry Huggins! My oldest son (fifth grade) even did a report on one of the books and said that although he thought the book would be boring because it was written so long ago, he found that it was not boring and sounded like it could have been written right now. I love that! We are going to Portland for spring break and are planning on visiting Grant Park which has bronze statues of Ramona and Henry and Ribsy. We might even try to find the real Klickitat street!

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