Feb 27, 2009

My "Giver" Moment

We got a new car last summer. A Honda Odyssey mini van. One of the features is a little camera that turns on when the car is in reverse. The screen pops up in the rearview mirror and my sons and I thought it was just about the coolest feature on the car. About a month after we bought the car my husband and I were heading to the movie. The camera lens was very dirty and we could barely see anything when we put the car in reverse. So, I went to the back of the car to find where the lens was to clean it off. It was down by the license plate and a quick swipe of my finger cleaned it off really well. I went back into the car and put it in reverse and it looked way better, way better, but I could not put my finger on what was so much better about it. It was clearer, than even before and there was just something different about what I was seeing on the screen. I couldn't put my finger on it until the next day when I realized that the screen was now in color. I swear it was black and white before and after I cleaned it, it was color. I don't know why it changed but it was so cool. The weirdest part was that it took me a day to figure out what was different about what I was seeing.
Very Giver-ish!

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