Mar 4, 2009

I am a Rosalind

I am reading The Penderwicks again (well, listening to the audio version). I love these books. Love, love, love them. I think that the author must have put a bit of her personality in each sister. Listening to the books makes me wonder which kind of girl I was and which one I wish I was. I relate so much more with Rosalind, but I don't think I was a Rosalind growing up. I think I was a Skye. A bit of a tomboy and very neat--although I did find Ienjoyed baking at a young age (more like Rosalind). I read a ton like Jane, and was the youngest like Batty. I didn't have responsibilites like Rosalind because my mom was (is) alive. Now that I am grown up and have responsibilites I do think I am a Rosalind. And that's fine with me!

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