May 28, 2008

I read Thirteen Reasons Why this weekend. It was very good, pretty sad. At first when I read the description I was not at all interested in reading it because it sounds like someone who just blames everyone else for her suicide. It is a little like that, but there is so much more to it. Ultimately the girl acknowledges that it is her decision there were just a lot of things that built up to her decision. I think it would be good for high schoolers to read because you never know how something little can build up to something big for someone else.

Then I read No More Dead Dogs. I had read a review that said it was one of the funniest books the reviewer had ever read. I don't agree with that but I did enjoy it. It doesn't touch Diary of a Wimpy Kid for funny. But it was a good read.

I originally got it for Carter because I am trying to get him into ANYTHING. The Warnell book club has kind of petered out so I need to rejuvenate it for the summer. I am thinking I will have him try Stormbreaker. I love Alex Rider, maybe he will also.

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