Oct 2, 2015

Weekend Reading #4

I have lofty goals for this weekend!  
I am currently reading four books that I am enjoying and need to finish (I actually have 7 books on my currently reading list on goodreads.  SEVEN!).  

We got our first order of the year this week--6 boxes of brand new shiny books.  I have taken home more than I need to and I still have a few ARCs I have to get read and reviewed.  So, I must finish somethings this weekend so I can move on to more things!

I am closest to being done with Jackaby and actually hope I will get it finished today (I have been taking my lunch time in the back room so I can read while I eat).

George is a new book I started that is small and quick, that shouldn't take too much time.

I am just at the Scoundrel section of The Princess, the Scoundrel and the Farm Boy.  I know that this book flies so hopefully I can get that done tomorrow morning before out Saturday soccer games start!

And lastly, I was sent a copy of Doldrums and it's so pretty that I want to get it reviewed soon.  Maybe get that one done Sunday night.

What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. Your weekend reads look wonderful, I'm most curious about The Doldrums.