Sep 11, 2015


Phew, school started last week and it always is a super hectic time for me.  I have been reading, including finishing CRENSHAW, which I will review next week. 

The last weeks in August here were super smoky because there were a lot of forest fires happening in NW Montana, so rain and cooler weather was very welcome around here. 

On a personal front, my oldest son became a senior in high school.  And because I am so impressed and proud of how these turned out, here is one of his senior pictures.  (If you can afford it, pay to have your child's senior pictures done, it is so worth it!)

I will be reviewing more books next week!  Hope your fall started out amazingly!

1 comment:

  1. That's a great picture Jana and yes so happy to finally have rain and cooler weather, clear skies. Looking forward to your thoughts on Crenshaw, it seems to get some mixed reviews, but one that I'm going to read.