Mar 26, 2015

Added to the List: Macmillan Edition

Over the past few weeks I have gotten quite a bounty of books in the mail.  Some I requested, some I entered contests to win, and some surprises.  Since I know I am not going to get them all read I decided I wanted to highlight them here and tell you what I think sounds great about each book.  Today are the books I have gotten from Macmillan.  I am on a list for bloggers and once a season get the chance to request some books.  This time I focused on middle grade books and requested three books that sounded awesome.  I also got one YA contemporary romance because those are my favorites. 
1.  Book Scavenger by Jennifer Chamliss Bertman.  I love a good middle grade mystery/puzzle book.  The Westing Game, Winston Breen, Chasing Vermeer.  This one sounds like it will be an awesome addition to this genre.

2.  Secrets of Selkie Bay by Shelley Moore Thomas.  You know what mythical creature doesn't get enough press, Selkies.  I have always been enchanted by the mythology of selkies and the synopsis for this one gave me goosebumps!

3.  The Book of Dares to Lost Friends by Jane Kelley.  Oh the pressure that middle school puts on friendships is amazing.  I see it every year, girls that come in as best friends and within a few months act like strangers.  There is always one who is hurt and sometimes one that doesn't even realize she is doing anything wrong.  This is a story I am looking forward to reading--it's a little bit mystical and a lot realistic.  Looks great!

4.  Joyride by Anna Banks.  A contemporary YA romance, just the kind I like.  I know that I will read this one quickly.


  1. I really enjoyed Book Scavenger, I'm waiting til closer to its release before posting my review. Have you seen the book release campaign for it? 50 ARC's in 50 States for a book scavenger hunt. Such fun!

    1. I haven't seen that! I need to get caught up. looks like such a good book!