Jan 2, 2015

2014 Reading Round Up

Going into last summer I was in a reading slump.  There was so much to read but nothing was really keeping my attention.  There were a few I read that I enjoyed a lot, but overall it was a slow reading summer and a slow reading year.  In the past I have set a summer goal of 30 to 35, this past summe rI read 12.  TWELVE books.  Sheesh!!

But this fall I kind of readjusted my thinking.  My priorities have shifted a bit and if I don;t get everything read and reviewed I am finding ways to be okay with that.  I only read 55 books this year, my lowest in the past 8 years by far, but that's ok too.  My main goal each year is a book a week.  My lofty goal is 100.  I completed my main goal and I am okay with that.

My favorite books of the year were: (links take you to my reviews)

My True Love Gave To Me
Side Effects May Vary
Dorothy Must Die
Half Bad
The Swap
The Fault in Our Stars
The Shadow Throne
Eleanor & Park

These are all five cookie books except for Half-Bad.  That is my only four cookie book on this list.  I added it because the world Sally Green created was so interesting and I am highly anticipating the sequel (which is on my Nook right now so I will be able to continue on soon!).  There were several other four cookie books I read, but these are the ones that really stand out for me.

I also discovered I didn't review Eleanor & Park even though it was one of my favorite reads.  Maybe I will have to do that sometime this year.

Coming up...my 2015 reading goals.

How did you do in 2014?

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  1. I made my Goodreads goal of reading 90 books, although I know I read more than that I just didn't list them all there. I'm hoping to get to 100 this year, but I'm having a slow start.