Apr 29, 2014


I have mostly kept this blog all about books, but I think that every now and again I am going to branch out.  You see, I LOVE TV and movies.  Just completely adore them.

Once after taking my boys to see Iron Man (on the day it opened) I was talking to a friend who has little boys much younger than mine.  She asked me how I handled having to go to all those superhero action-y movies all the time.  I told her that I am the one dragging my boys to those movies.  I love blockbusters and summer movies and all of it!

Anyway, this past year has been really cool in my family because my older son has started watching some of the kind of TV I like.  It started last summer when he discovered Teen Wolf.  He has a group of friends who get together on the nights when new Teen Wolf episodes come out and they watch them together.

I love to see this kind of thing because it didn't happen for me when I grew up.  I grew up without TV.  It wasn't a moral issue for my parents, just more of a financial one.  They had just sunk a bunch of money into buying land and building a house out in the country and at that point, cable TV was a little harder to come by in my area.  So, they just decided not to have any.

Yes, I acknowledge that this is probably what made me into the reader I am today, and it did not make me feel I grew up missing something.  But I will tell you what, I have made up for those TV-less years with a ferociousness that even I can't comprehend!

Anyway, the whole point of this is now there are two shows that my 16 year old son and I watch together.  In fact, he waits to make sure he watches them with me:  The 100 and Star-Crossed, both on The CW.  I cannot even begin to describe how cool it is that a 16 year old BOY wants to watch teen TV with his mom.  If you have a teenager, or a boy, you do know how awesome this is.  And even if I begin to not really enjoy either show, you can be sure that I will still sit down and watch them with him every week!  (And we have great discussions, like why all teenage boys don't look like the aliens on the show--because the actors who play them are not teenage boys, etc...)

And my younger son has gotten into Supernatural, one of my very favorite shows, so we have that in common too!  He is only on season 2 on Netflix, but hopefully by next fall he will be caught up and we can have appointment TV together too!

And I understand how people can dislike TV or want to limit it for their families, and I am totally fine with that.  But, when it brings me closer with my kids, I sometimes think some of those families are missing out!  (Of course, if I told them we were going to play a game in the evening they would be up for that also, I have really cool sons).


  1. It's so nice that the two of you can share that together. I was surprised by how much I ended up enjoying The 100. I put on the pilot out of needing something to watch while folding laundry and I was hooked!

    1. It is really good and there is so much they can do with this series! I was sad Star-Crossed got canceled because they ended that series in an very intriguing place.