Apr 28, 2014

My Thoughts: Saving Lucas Biggs by Marisa de los Santos and David Teague

4 soft chocolate whoopies pies with frosting.

Cover Love:
I love this cover.  There is a lot going on, but the image of the of the girl is simple.  I love the colors as well.

Why I Wanted to Read This:  The synopsis gave me goosebumps when I first read it.  That was good enough for me!  Here it is from GoodReads:
When thirteen-year-old Margaret's father is unfairly sentenced to death by the cruel Judge Biggs, she is determined to save him, even if it means using her family's secret-and forbidden-ability to time travel. With the help of her best friend, Charlie, and his grandpa Josh, Margaret goes back to a time when Judge Biggs was a young boy and tries to prevent the chain of events that transformed him into a corrupt, jaded man.
Romance?: Nope, but a very strong, sweet friendship.

My Thoughts:
This books started out similar to Holes for me.  There was the current story and the past story.  But the twist is that the time travel piece of this story was actually pretty small.  It was part of the story, but truly not the major part of the story.

And I am glad it was that way.  It made the story more believable and less magical, however, that's what I went in expecting so there was a little disappointment for me.

I really, really enjoyed Grandpa Josh's story in the past.  I could've read a whole book on that.  In fact, I would've liked to read more about Luke's transformation than have it hurriedly told by Josh to Margaret in the present.

The authors did a great job with the different points of view.  It was done very naturally.  I loved Charlie and Margaret's friendship and how close she got to Grandpa Josh.

There was a great lesson here about not focusing on the past but changing who you are in the here and now.

I really liked how this book doesn't fit into any one specific genre.  There is a mystical element, a great friendship, a mystery and an adventure element.  It works on so many levels!

To Sum Up:  This will be a fun book to book talk to my middle schoolers. I think it will appeal to many readers!

eGalley requested and received from HarperCollins via Edelweiss.  Thanks!

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