Feb 10, 2014

YA Books Into Movies--The Trend

So the Vampire Diaries tanked and so did City of Bones.

(I really hoped City of Bones did well because I do really like those books, I haven't read Vampire Academy though so I didn't have an opinion on that--however, I think they marketed it better because I never once saw "based on the novel" which I think turns people who haven't read the book off)

There is a part of me that thinks, okay, can we stop trying now? And there is part of me that hopes they don't stop.  If something gets attention for YA books, that's gotta be good, right?

I don't think that Divergent will be a hit.  It might make money because the trailers are interesting and it is getting a ton of press, but...

the books just aren't Hunger Games level.  I gave The Hunger Games to everyone I knew, adults and young adults.  I wanted everyone to read it because it was that good.  I didn't feel that way with Divergent.  I enjoyed it, plenty of students in my library loved it, but there just the same people reading it that there was with The Hunger Games.

I hope it's a success, I really do, but I just am not banking on it.

What do you think about the YA to the movies trend?


  1. I haven't been overly impressed. I hope MG books start coming to the screen more. In my opinion adult and MG stories tend to get to me more when converted to film.

    1. I agree. I mean, Holes was DEAD ON. But, The Hunger Games & Catching Fire were also really well done. I know it's a crap shoot for Hollywood, I just wish they didn't jump at just any old thing, but give books time to develop a fan base before jumping on them!

  2. I'm with Juju, I would love to see some MG movies coming out. Top on my list would be The False Prince, but not til I read the last book of course :)

  3. I think a lot of the success has to do with the casting. That's why I'm happy TheBookcaster.com exists. Finally, fans of a book can suggest actors BEFORE it hits the big screen.