Sep 9, 2013

Summer Reading Round Up

Ugh!  I didn't read hardly anything this summer.

I blame Netflix and smart TVs. 

I only got 20 books read.  That actually is pretty good, but I just had a lot of stops and starts.  And I wanted to read a lot more than I did. 

My favorite book of the summer was Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson.  I only read it last weekend, which was labor day so I still count that.  I am going to be reviewing it soon, it was very good.  A ton of action!

I just got distracted a lot and watched a lot on Netflix. 

But I still had a great summer.

How did your summer reading go?


  1. I too got somewhat distracted this summer, I think I read about 16. It was a good distraction of time with family thou. One of my favorite reads was Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom.

  2. So what did you watch on Netflix?

    1. Hereos. I've been hooked, but I'm almost at the end. What were you watching?

    2. So many things! Season 4-7of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Now my husband and I are watching The League together. So wrong, but so funny. I have been slowly making my way through Cheers (on season 7 now). Undeclared (had to see a young Charlie). Top of the Lake (really good mystery). I am also starting Wallander but don't think I will get that done since we are coming up on new fall TV. And since I had never seen it, I watched all of Once Upon a Time to get caught up for this fall. LOVED that! It is just about the best thing ever. We got a smart TV for our bedroom, I am lucky I ever got out of bed!

    3. My son watched Heroes! I don't think he got through the whole series though. He is watching Friday Night Lights right now and every time I watch one with him I cry. Such a good show!