May 13, 2013

Snapshot Monday #7

I have started a routine on Mondays where I post a snapshot of the book or books I am currently reading. I got this idea from Jill of the OWL (she isn't blogging much anymore and quitting for good on June7).  I am not posting a snapshot today because it is embarrassing.  I have SEVEN books on my currently reading shelf on GoodReads.  You can look at that here.  Nothing is bad  and a few are even really good (I am loving THE 5TH WAVE and You, MAYBE), I am just having a hard time focusing!

I have had this issue before.  When my son was first diagnosed with Crohn's disease I couldn't focus on anything.  I could barely watch comedies on TV, and then only those because dramas were too long.  I barely got anything read and my body was just letting itself go due to my enormous stress levels.

But things are fine now!  He is doing great so why can't I focus?  I actually blame Hulu+, Netflix and Smart TVs.  I fall asleep really easily and no matter how much I am liking my book I can barely keep my eyes open when I am reading.  So I watch more TV, I guess.

I am vowing to not start a new book until I get these ones finished or I decide to quit them.

How is your reading going?

I failed!  I got a new order of books in today and started reading The Bully Book.  It's small though, should be quick!


  1. I feel ya girl!

    Being on Baby Whimsy's schedule, my eyes are closing themselves by 9-10.

  2. Your list of currently reading is impressive. I for one look forward to the reviews when your done, especially The Key and the Flame.