May 7, 2013

Mother Daughter Conflicts in YA Lit

There are a few books this spring that I read this spring that had really strong mother-daughter conflicts.  Really strong, the kind that made me uncomfortable when I read them.  The kind that almost ruined the book for me. 

One of them, School Spirits, kind of resolved the issue by then end and the relationship was a little bit mended. 

The other one, Going Vintage, made a few strides, but the book ended with the relationship on not-so-solid ground. 

I think I was so bothered by these because: 1) I am a mom and it makes me sad to see children and mothers so far apart, and 2) I had a really strong relationship with my mom while I was growing up especially during my teenage years (my older brother and sister were at college, my dad worked nights a lot, so it was normally just me and my mom hanging out at home--we got along great, still do).

I know why the authors wrote these relationships this way, it's very common for teenage girls and their moms to not get along.  I see it all the time!  There is normally tension and strife in this relationship.  Most teenage girls reading these books will be able to identify with a main character who has issues with her mom. 
And since these books aren't actually written for my age group, I have to give a nod to the authors for writing such tension filled, realistic relationships!

What are some interesting mother daughter (or parent child) dynamics in YA literature that affected you?


  1. I hate reading it too.
    I, like you, get why they do it but I dislike it.
    I'm more affected and appreciative of authors who make parents who care and are present.

    1. Like the parents in Easy A. There are some examples in YA but my mind is completely blank right now! Maybe that is another post...