Mar 1, 2013

My Thoughts: Invisible Sun by David Macinnis Gill

4 whoopie pies.

Cover Love:  Yes.  I do like these covers because they have a story feel to them.

Why I Wanted to Read This:  After waiting too long to read Black Hole Sun, I didn't want to make that mistake with the next book in the series.  I started this one as soon as I could! Here's the synopsis from Good Reads:
Obsessed with MUSE, the clandestine project that created the AI in his brain, mercenary chief Durango draws the ire of the government when he steals part of the secret project data and hightails it with his lieutenant, Vienne, to an ancient monastery. There, he meets the monks who raised Vienne from an orphan and also encounters soldiers working for his old nemesis, the crime lord Mr. Lyme. Lyme controls the territory surrounding the monastery, as well as the datacenters housing the rest of MUSE. Undeterred, Durango and Vienne pull off an ill-advised raid on Lyme’s complex. During the ensuing battle, however, Vienne is captured, and Durango is beaten and left for dead. Now, wounded and shaken, Durango must overcome bounty hunters, treacherous terrain, a full scale civil war, and a warrior monk with an eye for vengeance (not to mention his own guilt, self-doubt, and broken arm) to find Vienne and free her from Archibald, a brain-washing pyromaniac with a Napoleon complex who wants to rule Mars--and kill Durango in the process.
Romance?: A bit. Durango and Vienne definitely have more of a relationship starting in this book.

My Thoughts:
This one was a way faster read for me. I had gotten comfortable in the world of Mars in the future and I whipped through this one. It also helped that the focus of this story was really on Durango and Vienne, both characters I love. There was way more of Vienne's backstory and more of Durango's as well. The author also explained a lot more things, like what exactly a dalit is. I had kind of figured it out, but it was nice to finally know exactly what Durango had done.

There was so much action!

This was a great middle book. It added to and enriched the first book, but left us with a big cliffhanger for the last book. Perfect!

I find myself saying "carking" a lot. Kind of like I started saying "frak" when watching Battlestar Galactica. I do love it when a future world has it's own swear words.

How much more can Durango and Vienne take?!

To Sum Up:  Great sci-fi series!  Thankfully I have the egalley of Shadow on the Sun, book #3 because I am starting that one right now!

Book checked out from my public library.  (But soon to be bought for my library!)

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