Mar 5, 2013

Librarianism: a Positive & a Negative

Awhile ago I was grumpy and I posted some of my librarian pet peeves.  Today I have another one to add to that but I also have a fun thing about being a librarian!

*Pet Peeve:  kids reading series books out of order.  It's quite amazing how quickly I learn who reads what.  I pretty much know who is reading what series and if they've read them in order.  It drives me nuts when someone comes in for a book and since they can find book 1 or 2 of a series, just starts in the middle.  Or skips one.  The good readers I can talk out of doing this.  But there are some who only come in because they have to have a book for a class.  These ones I don't bother trying to talk out of getting book 4 in a series I know they haven't read because I know they aren't really going to read this one either.  (Ahhh, the reluctant reader...)

*Wonderful Librarian-ness:  Last week I was giving a sixth grade class a quick primer on on-line searching.  We do a much more in depth one in seventh grade but this worked for their project.  After I finished with giving them the oh-so handy CTRL+F shortcut for websites one boy raised  his hand and said (in awe), "how do you know all this stuff?"  That was a super cool moment!

How is your job treating you today?


  1. Awww that is a super cool moment.

    I don't work. But I am battling an icky cold which is affecting my mommy energy levels. Baby Whimsy has noticed and filed a complaint. ;)

  2. Awesome moment. And I didn't know the Ctrl + F tip. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. That is the sweetest. And I don't know about Ctrl+F either! I just hit those keys and nothing happened... maybe it's not for Macs? or Chrome? But I digress... and for the record, totally agree with the first pet peeve. Don't you kiddos know that you can't start in the middle??

    1. As far as I know it works on every computer because its more of a web browser thing. But, on macs it is the command button (apple button depending on how old your computer is). In Chrome look at the top right under your tool bars after you hit them. A whole new bar should be there with a search window. It is so awesome. I use it every day quite a few times! Let me know if you can't find it and I will figure out what is up for you! Have a good day!!