Jan 31, 2013

OnLine Reading: Twitter Feed

Since I am a librarian I should get to spend the day reading.  However, no librarian I know actually gets to spend the day reading, but I do get some reading in each day through my twitter feed.  I follow the basic publishers and authors but lately I found a few other tweeters that I look forward to reading everyday.  Here are some of my favorites:

Modern Seinfeld:  if you are a Seinfeld fan you have to start following this one.  It's hysterical.  The writers imagine plot lines for Seinfeld episodes as if Seinfeld was on the air today.  It is spot on.

Honest Toddler:  life as tweeted by a toddler.  So funny!  Sometimes they tweet a lot during the day about one topic and they never fail to make me giggle.

Crushable.com:  tweet link to celebrity articles that are always so funny.  I love this site!  (It is the one responsible for  The Babysitter's Club if it was rewritten by Bret Easton Ellis-awesome!)

Cute Emergency:  There are a bunch of these types of twitter feeds out there but of all the ones I follow this one seems to tweet the most during the day.  It's the best when you just need a picture of a cute animal!

Retta:  She plays Donna on Parks & Rec.  The best thing about her twitter feed is when she live tweets TV shows or movies she is watching.  Always good for a laugh!

What are your favorite twitter feeds?  How do you get some reading in during work?

(By the way, happy last day of January!  This month really went slow for me.  I hope February goes much quicker!)


  1. OMG what a fun post. I love this. I want more suggestions in fact. You've got me thinking I need to expand and follow more fun folks.

    I am totally signing up for the Honest Toddler.

    I do follow Felicia Day (from The Guild) and Nathan Fillion (from Castle).

  2. I'm not on Twitter yet but planning to join soon. Thanks for the suggestions.