Jan 24, 2013

Book Blogging

Okay, I have written about this kind of thing before so go ahead and skip this if you want.  Some of it will be new and some a rehash but here goes.

I had thoughts several times in the last year about not blogging anymore.  I keep at it because I like sharing what I love and don't love about the books I read and books in general.

I feel I have a pretty good reputation because A) I am a librarian and B) I don't get involved in the drama that goes on (I am really too old for that). I respond to authors and publishers and get to be part of blog tours every now & again.  I have more books than I can read--ARCS, egalleys, ebooks & physical books.

I have taken the pressure off myself by blogging when I have a book to review or a good idea to write about.  Sometimes it is everyday, sometimes it is just a couple of times a month.

I have my very favorite book blogs to visit and bloggers I have developed relationships with.

I see new book blogs being started all the time and see some that have only been going on for a few months that have more followers than I have ever achieved and that's ok because I am not overly active on all social medias. I do feel most people who start blogs right now truly, truly have a love of reading, but are really after ARCs.

I am fine with where I am in the book blogging world and more than fine with where I am in my real life with books.

Yesterday I read more about some plagiarism going down between a few more established blogger (although one I hadn't heard of before) and a new blogger.  One of the things being plagarized were reviews of books.

Why on earth would you plagiarize a review of a book?  A review is your own thoughts and feelings about a book, not someone else's.  I can more understand plagiarizing unique posts (understand, not agree with or condone) but a review?!  I just shake my head! 

I just feel the desperation of some bloggers to get out there, the get followers and traffic is palpable.  And those bloggers are the ones that will probably give up much sooner rather than later.

I do feel icky when things like this come up and I hope that I can be a genuine voice, even if I am just a small one.


  1. I completely agree. Especially with this line, "hose bloggers are the ones that will probably give up much sooner rather than later."

  2. Hey! Btw, don't you quit, k? I'd miss you. If you ever get tired of talking about books, please talk about something else. Don't give up. *hug*

  3. I love your blog. I think blogging is like the recession, weeding out the weak. We have a chance to make it our own and get what we want from it. Hopefully you blog for your own enjoyment-like you said, for the love of sharing good books. I hope you stick with it because good books need to get in the hands of good readers and you have a knack for picking good ones : )