Nov 15, 2012

My Thoughts: Flesh & Bone by Jonathan Maberry

4 peanut butter blossoms.

Cover Love:
Pretty creepy but it totally fits the tone of the book!

Why I Wanted to Read This:
Rot & Ruin is one of my most favorite recent books.  Dust & Decay (the 2nd in this series) is also amazing.  Seriously, if you have never read these books before what are you waiting for?! I couldn't wait for Flesh & Bone!  Here's the synopsis from Good Reads:

Reeling from the tragic events of Dust & Decay, Benny Imura and his friends plunge deep into the zombie-infested wastelands of the great Rot & Ruin. Benny, Nix, Lilah and Chong journey through a fierce wilderness that was once America, searching for the jet they saw in the skies months ago. If that jet exists then humanity itself must have survived…somewhere. Finding it is their best hope for having a future and a life worth living.

But the Ruin is far more dangerous than any of them can imagine. They are hunted by fierce animals escaped from zoos and circuses. They must raid zombie-infested towns for food and medical supplies. They discover the very real truth in the old saying: In the Rot & Ruin…everything wants to kill you.

And what is happening to the zombies? Swarms of them are coming from the east, devouring everything in their paths. These zoms are different. Faster, smarter, infinitely more dangerous. Has the zombie plague mutated, or is there something far more sinister behind this new invasion of the living dead?

In Flesh & Bone, Benny Imura, Nix Riley, Lou Chong and Lilah the Lost Girl are pitted against dangers greater than anything they've ever faced. To survive, each of them must rise to become the warriors Tom trained them to be.
Romance?: Yes, some, but this really isn't that kind of book.(However, I am always hoping that Mr. Mayberry will write a Tom Imura & Jessie Riley story for his older, female readers!)

My Thoughts:
Dust & Decay ended on a very, very sad note.  Flash & Bone picks up a few days after that.  This book takes place over the course of a day, maybe a day & a half.  There is an author's note in the front of the book about grief and how much of this book is about dealing with grief.  Take note!  This is a much darker version of the Rot & Ruin world.  I know, how can that be?!  The first two weren't exactly rainbows & kittens.  This is much darker.

There is so much action, so much violence, every single page.  It was hard to wrap my head around that much violence.  And there are a few new wrinkles in the zombie world--like fast, coherent zombies.  WHAT THE FRAK?!  Fast zombies.  I just can't deal.  Our only defense against zombies is that they are slow!

(sidebar:  have you seen the trailer for World War Z?  Again, fast zombies.  And ones that can climb stairs and turn doorknobs.  Ugh!)

And the Reapers.  I totally get it.  I think the will to survive is very strong in most people.  However, I can see the despair of this world overtaking some and how what Saint John is preaching start to make A LOT of sense.

Every single one of the main characters goes through massive challenges--Lila, Chong, Benny & Nix.  These kids just cannot catch a break!

For me this book was a hard read.  I was still aching over what happened at the end of Dust & Decay.  I had my copy for about a month before I picked it up to read it.  And I will admit the absence of that character made the book a little less enjoyable for me.  But, I think it was so necessary for Benny's growth that I understand why it had to happen.  It just made me sad.

I also didn't read this quite as fast as the first two.  I had to read a few lighter things along the way because it was so dark.  I have heard there will be five books in this series and I think things might even get worse before they get better.  A lot worse!  But I am going to be along for the ride every step of the way.

To Sum Up:  Dark but still a great book in this series.  This one moved the whole plot and Rot & Ruin world along a lot further than the other two.  I will still follow Benny wherever he goes!

(PS. I LOVE the zombie cards inside the front and back covers.  I also loved the shout out to Sheriff Rick!!)

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