Nov 1, 2012

For Reluctant Readers: Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman

  I will be honest, I haven't read these books.  I buy them though because kids in my library love them.  And for the past few weeks I have watched two reluctant reading boys get totally engrossed in Skeleton Creek.  It started with one of the boys (both of them are 8th graders) coming in to watch the first video.  It really scared him, but in a good, excited way.  So he read on.  Then I noticed that another boy started coming in with him and was also reading Skeleton Creek.  

They come in about once a week to view videos and have both put the next one on hold.  It's so exciting for me to see boys get so into a book like this, especially boys who would normally never pick up any book!

And with four books in the Skeleton Creek series then the Dark Eden series to go right into after this I think I can keep them in books for the rest of the year!!  
(I will also recommend the DJ MacHale Morpheus Road books because those are totally creepy, even though they don't have the multi-media function)


  1. Cool. I can't say I know anything about these. I should change that. :)

    1. To be honest I haven't read them either. It's just good to know that the kids these books are intended for really get it and enjoy it!