Jul 18, 2012

Comfort Zone

This post has nothing to do with reading--GASP!
It is to let you know that I will be back next Monday-I am currently rafting and camping in Glacier National Park.  This is a HUGE step outside of my comfort zone.  I love rafting--but short trips--it's what we spend most of the summer doing.  But, a three day, two night trip in the wilds on Montana is a nerve racking thought for me.  My kids want to go really bad though, so I am going for them (my husband cannot get off work to come along).  Wish me luck!

Here are my boys right before a short rafting trip earlier this summer.  I told them to look fierce because one thing we love to do is pirate other boats (that means ambush them with huge water squirt guns as they go by, it's super fun).

(I love picmonkey.com for photo editing).  I am thinking I even like it better than picnik, but there are almost too many choices!)


  1. Oh what fun! Enjoy! Have fun! Good luck. Take pictures.

    1. I had a blast and took a ton of pictures and plan to do it again....some day!