Jul 26, 2012

Boo-Yah! Wonderful Summer Reading...

I just have to say, I have had a great summer of reading!
So far, I have read 23 books--my goal is 40.  I might reach that!
But, more than that, all the books I have read I have really enjoyed.
I have not read a book that I have rated under 4 stars yet.
This is unprecedented, but, oh man, it is so promising for books that are coming out this summer and fall.
MG and YA readers are in for some great reading!
How has your summer reading been going?


  1. Awesome! 23? You go girl! *high five*

    Which ones stand out for you? :)

    1. Right after I posted this I hit a wall. I have gotten only TWO read since then. Oh well, it was a good run!