Jun 11, 2012

Summer Reading--Having a Blast

I must admit the start to my summer has been amazing!
The weather has been pretty crappy--as is normally the case in NW Montana in June--but I don't hate it.  Yes, I would like some more sun so that my kids could be outside more and so that I maybe feel like getting a few more things done.  However, I am getting a lot of reading done.
That isn't necessarily due to the rain though, it's more due to the fact that my body can get back on it's natural schedule.
I am a night owl.
I have no problem whatsoever staying up until midnight or 1 am.  I just like being able to not wake up to an alarm.
So the other evening I stayed up and finished Red Moon Rising and this morning I woke up early and stayed in bed finishing Undead.
Two books done already! 
So many more to go.

How has your summer started out?

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