Mar 1, 2012

Series That Fizzle: Nightshade

Sometimes a series ensnares you and you can't wait for the next book.  You count down the days!
Sometimes you enjoy a series and know you want to read the next book, but you'll get around to it sometime.
Then sometimes a series ensnares you with book one then totally loses you with later books.
Welcome to my newest feature:  Series that Sizzle; Series that Interest; and Series that Fizzle.

Today is the first series that fizzled for me:  Nightshade by Andrea Cremer.

I loved Nightshade.  For me it was the start of a series that would Sizzle.  Then I read Wolfsbane.  This middle book just felt like a filler book to me.  I am not sure why it lost my interest.  Maybe it was the cover change.  Maybe it was that there was too long of a wait between books (which could be another post altogether--wait till all books are published or read as they come out?).  I am not sure what it was, but I just lost interest for Bloodrose when it came out.  (However I bought it for my library and it has been very popular with my werewolf loving readers, so I might have to try it this summer).


  1. I agree that Wolfsbane wasn't as riveting as Nightshade (and I didn't care for the cover, either), but I'm holding out hope for Bloodrose. It's on my Kindle and I'll get to it soon. :-)

    1. I bought it for the library and it has been out constantly so I probably won't get to it until the summer. One girl did let slip something that happened, but she did like it.

  2. I haven't read any of these books! I'm trying to think of a series that fizzled for me... I typically think all of the books in a series are pretty equal, with a few exceptions: Mockingjay was a total disappointment (this is probably my fizzle - even though my heart bursts with love for the first two). I thought Dashner's Scorch Trials series peaked with book #2, and Patrick Ness's Chaos Walking trilogy started out AMAZING and somehow got more and more AMAZING with each subsequent book.

    1. Once I started thinking of this idea I had several series that fizzled come to mind. And some that just interest me and a bunch that sizzle. It will be good to be able to pull out my list when I need a blog post idea!

      And you are right, the Chaos Walking series was awesome, beginning to end!