Feb 27, 2012

Review: Pure by Julianna Baggott

4 soft and sweet whoopie pies.

Cover Love:  Actually, yes.  I really like it.  However, I don't feel it matches the book nor is it very eye catching. 

Why I Wanted to Read This:
I was sitting around really feeling over dystopian books, so this one wasn't very high on my radar.  However, I started seeing good reviews and knew I liked Julianna Baggott's writing so I decided to give it a try.  You can read the synopsis here. (It's long and I don't want to paste it here).

I Kept Reading Because:  I actually took a break partway through because the visuals in this book (or the things I was visualizing) were freaky.  But I came back to it and am very glad I did.

Romance?:  The start of a couple.

What I Liked (And Didn't):
When I first started this I was not sure what I thought about it at all.  It was not a dystopian book, it was more like an apocalyptic book.  But it wasn't until I saw it referred to as a horror book that it really clicked.  I had to shift my thinking and that is what helped me do that!  I don't think it was truly a horror book but there were so many disturbing things in this story!

Don't let that turn you off though.  Julianna Baggott has created quite the world.  And she gave the reader just enough to want to know more.  There are so many things I want the answers for, I will be anxiously waiting for the next book.

The idea that people who were caught outside of the Dome during the Detonations fused with whatever they were touching was so weird.  In fact, I don't see how any of them actually survived!

I loved Pressia and Partridge.  I truly expected the romance to be between them but it wasn't, and that was just another great little twist in the book.  Pressia was such an innocent in this harsh world.  I was glad she found Bradwell to help her navigate this world.

I want to know more about Partridge's father.  Just who was he before and after the Detonations?  And what are they doing to all the kids in the Dome?!

A great thing is that this book would appeal to both boy and girl readers.  

To Sum Up:  An intriguing book that I will be looking forward to booktalking to my students.

Book requested and received from NetGalley.  Thanks Grand Central Publishing!


  1. I'm so glad you finished it. I wholeheartedly agree with you about the disturbing nature of the book. I still can't believe she pulled it off and made it work so well. She's a fantastic world builder. :-)

    1. It's true, she really is. Did you ever read The Anybodies? She wrote that and it is just so fun. Completely different tone!

  2. Sounds pretty awesome. Thanks for the great review.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I always love it when you comment.

  3. One of my friend said this was really phanominal and your review definitely intrigued me even more.