Jan 12, 2012

Well, That's Interesting

I don't know lots about blogger templates.

Sometimes I get a wild hair and decide to upgrade mine a bit, then I will hunt down tutorials and make changes.

One change a while ago was to add "blockquotes" around my book synopsis-es. It was surprisingly easy to do.

Today I logged on and noticed that the same blockquotes are around all my comments. It looks pretty cool, I just wasn't the one to do it.

Wonder who did!

I would love to spring for a custom template, and maybe soon will. I want to just be able to use different fonts!

What do you like about your template?


  1. Thanks! I think so too. Weird! It just started today though.

  2. Blogger is sometimes confusing to me. I love following Emily's Reading Room b/c she has great html tips and suggestions for slightly altering one's template. It would be a lot of fun to get a custom template though!

  3. Blogger did it! Now that they offer threaded commenting, they made each comment "boxed." I guess so that they are more distinct? I like it.

    What do you mean by wanting to use different fonts? Do you have any particular font in mind? Where would you want to use the fonts?

    I like your template. The colors are nice and I like how you've incorporated the milk and cookies. It's a very comforting blog :) It feels like this is a "nice place" and I like that.

    1. I actually like the look and I love the threaded comments! I would just change the fonts for my titles, but not to any that are choices from Blogger. Thanks for the compliment about my template, I have done everything myself. I often think about buying one designed for me, but I am proud of what I have done with my little knowledge. Although I have done all the picture stuff through picnik and now that is closing! I am super sad about that!