Jan 11, 2012

Food From Fiction: Comfort Food

Over break I read Tighter by Adele Griffin, which was a great read and I will be reviewing on Friday. There was one part where Jamie makes a "comfort food" meal for her young charge, Isa. It got me thinking about my favorite comfort food meal.

While there are quick comfort foods that I enjoy (cinnamon toast) my ultimate comfort food meal is cornbread and chili.

The problem is that it takes awhile to make this comfort food meal, it is rarely readily available when I need comfort. But, oh, oh, oh, when I make it I am immediately comforted by eating it.

It is also my oldest son's comfort meal (that and a gross concoction we make called Chinese sundae that is not remotely Chinese).

Here's what I do to make this meal the ultimate in comfort food:
*crumble up a piece of cornbread (mostly marie callendar's because that's the mix Costco always sells)
*pour chili over the top of that
*sprinkle cheese on the chili and a big dollop of sour cream
*mix around and savor!

What is your ultimate comfort food/meal?


  1. Sean's homemade soup with drop biscuits. Perfect! :-)

  2. We talk about comfort food at our house a lot. Mashed potatoes is one of our favorites using good, small potatoes mixed with sour cream, cream or milk, butter and salt and pepper. Truthfully we've eaten it right out of the pot!

    I'm very curious about a Chinese sundae now??

  3. First of all, you need to understand that the only thing Chinese about it is the Chinese noodles that only my husband puts on his.
    Basically you put cooked rice on a plate, then add cooked, cubed chicken and shredded cheese. Then you can add whatever toppings you'd like (I like green onions and cashews--but we have had celery also)(my kids only like the chicken and cheese). Then you pour hot chicken gravy over all of that.

    It sounds and looks gross but it is one of our staples! And it is great for lunch the next day!

  4. YUM!!!! I'm loving your comfort food. I was about to ask you what the heck a Chinese Sundae is but you're so sweet you wrote it... and you're right, not all that chinese. Sounds pretty good though!