Nov 2, 2011

Things I Miss E-Books vs. Print

I do not exclusively read ebooks, I have too many print books at my disposal at my library to be exclusive. But I do read a lot of books from NetGalley & Galley Grab on my Nook. Here's some thoughts on them:

*I miss being able to flip through a book before I buy. Downloading samples are not the same thing.

*I miss reading the back of the book. Sometimes I download from from NetGalley and then I forget what the book is about. I miss being able to read the back as a refresher (although Houghton Mifflin ebooks put the copy of the back right after the cover so it is quick to look at!).

*I miss being able to flip back to something that I need to re-read to clarify something that happen later. I don't always know what will be important later so I bookmarks really don't help!

*Covers!! Most NetGalley books have the covers, but not all. And the cover looks great when I download, but then I forget what it looked like before I read. I miss that.

How is your ereading experience? What do you miss?


  1. I agree with most of what you wrote. The "mechanical" aspects of reading an eBook and a print book are different. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses. I appreciate and welcome both on a practical level.

    It is on the emotional level where the pangs are - for me. I have always loved books and book stores and libraries. The touch, feel and smell of a book are not replaceable. When I stare at a shelf of beautiful books, I feel how they embody and exude all of the authors' intents and hopes.

    All of these self-contained worlds, which I interpret and enhance with my personal filters, are there for me in three dimensions. They are real. They are as alive as I am. Actually, I am more alive because of them. It is indescribable.

    Thank you.

  2. My two main issues are the covers and book blurbs. Like you, I sometimes forget which book is which or what a book is about. :-)

  3. Bob:
    Me too! I love to sit and look at my shelves at home, and rearrange them and organize them in different ways. And when I get a new shipment of books for my library it is like Christmas!!

    You are right, it is indescribable!

  4. I'm with you. I miss flipping through the book to parts I loved most. Plus, when I'm mulling over a book to review I like having the book before me. An ebook just isn't the same. And yes, I miss the back cover blurbs. :)

  5. I agree! I like e-books just fine and I do wish I had an e-reader, but print books are where my heart lies. I love the whole experience.

    When I read e-books I miss the cover art that I can look at every time I close the book. I miss the ease of flipping the pages forward to see how many are left in the chapter. I miss being able to see my progress as my bookmark moves along the book. I miss so many things.

  6. Small: I got a Nook color and find that I spend almost more time playing games and going online with it than I do reading!
    All the bells and whistle are taking away the book aspect of ereaders!

  7. Yes, I agree with you that it's not the same thing, but we can have them with just one click. When we buy printed books, we must go to the libraries and look up for them and maybe they are not available and so on. Personally, I love to read both ways, but usually I download eBooks, because I found All You Can Books site, with 15 days trial period.