Nov 3, 2011

Book I Am Thankful For: Nancy Drew

This November I am going to periodically post about books I am thankful for--those books that have shaped me into the reader I am today. Today I am talking about Nancy Drew books.

I would have to say that these are the books that made me into a reader. In second grade a girl named Paula and I read through every Nancy Drew in the library at our school, then had to move onto the public library. I just LOVED them.

In fact, I don't remember reading anything else in second grade, just Nancy Drew. I followed Nancy for years! I read the old ones, the contemporary ones, the ones with the young Nancy, all of them! I have such a fondness for Nancy. I was sad when I only had boys and didn't get to share my love of Nancy with them.

These are truly books I am thankful for because they made me a reader, and I have never stopped yet!


  1. My mom tried to start me on them when I was too young. I remember reading a couple, but I also remember thinking they were to hard to read and kinda boring. If I'd been older, I probably would have loved them.

  2. I STILL read and collect Nancy Drew. I even refer back to the simple grammar styles when I'm writing.

    If you love her super-sleuthing - you might enjoy her pc games at Some are just cheezy-fast games, but there are some (also at Target) that you take your time on and solve mysteries - total nerdy-fun for fans!

  3. I absolutely loved Nancy Drew when I was younger! I haven't read one in a while, but I still own them :).

    Thank you for your comment on my review of Beauty Queens, I definitely don't think it'd be appropriate for middle grade, because it has a lot of swearing (the F-word and all the other common ones) and sexual acts. So very inappropriate, I'd say. :)

  4. Shannon: I went back and read one a few years ago. I loved it because it was nostalgic, but I didn't LOVE the writing or the story. Books have come a long way!