Nov 11, 2011

Eleven Things I Love About Books & Blogging

Happy 11-11-11 and Happy Veteran's Day! Let me first say thanks to my big brother for serving in the Army (currently). He is my hero!

1. Community. I love sharing my love of books with others, kids I teach, people online and the random people at bookstores and those I see reading books I love.

2. Excitement. This week Inheritance came out. I had a huge waiting list at school so I bought four copies. I spent the day cataloging them and getting them ready to check out. I went out and handed the books out to the first four kids on the list and it was so much fun seeing their faces. I felt awesome.

3. Opinions. The blogging community is one area where it seems that people agree to disagree. I have never seen anyone get mad at another bloggers review whose review was not as enthusiastic as theirs. I feel there is a politeness!

4. Escaping to Another World. Why do I love reading. Escape, fantasy, romance, adventure, heartbreak, on and on. I love it all!

5. When You Can't Put It Down. As annoying as it is to my family, I love it when I am in so into a book that reading is all I want to do.

6. Crushes! I love starting a new book with the possibility of falling in love with a male protagonist (or villain) or gaining a new BFF in a female main (or secondary) character. Although all others will continue to pale in comparison to Tom Imura for now!

7. Surprise Books! Sometimes you can go a few weeks without anything--no review requests, no contacts from publicists, no new ARCs. (And you've also made a deal with yourself to not request any more ARCs till you've caught up a bit). Then a day comes along where you can get all of those! And it is always fun to get a surprise book in the mail. (I got Shatter Me this week and was so excited.)

8. People in Publishing are Cool! Since starting all this blogging (& becoming a librarian) I have made several contacts in the publishing and they are super nice and so accommodating. This is a world that I thougth was always so far out of my reach, but it's not! It is accessible.

9. The Next Big Thing. Don't you get quite a rush when you pick up a new book. This one might just be your new favorite!! And sometimes, it is.

10. Bubble Baths & Exercise. Okay, I don't exercise as much as I should, but I do take baths. Both places are an excuse for me to get away from my kids and read for a bit. Especially bubble baths--that is sometimes my favorite place to read.

11. It Makes Me Feel Smart. Since becoming a more avid blogger, blog reader and librarian I have become a student of books. I know a lot about books, series, authors and and upcoming books. So, when kids come to me for book help I can almost always match a kid to a book or I know when the next one in a series is coming out or where one is located in my library. I love being this "well read."

Well, there's my 11 things. What about you?!

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