Nov 9, 2011

Books I Am Thankful For: Harry Potter

As I grew up I never fully got away from reading YA and MG types books, they just weren't what I read most of. I remember reading LJ Smith in college and going to the book store to see if the next one was out (The Secret Circle--loved!), but I had also moved on to mostly adult books.

Then came Harry Potter. As most everyone can attest to this book brought people back to reading. For me it brought me back to reading MG and YA books.

I got the first Harry Potter a little bit after I had my first child. Perfect timing. I had a boy and knew I was going to raise him to love reading (he doesn't) and I truly felt this was the gateway book (it still is).

I read the first two lickety split right before the third one came out. These books were not quite the phenom back then that they became. But here's what I remember: I was still a tutor in a school at that time. I worked a lot with in a sixth grade classroom. One kid saw me reading #3 and begged for him to borrow it when I was done. His mom wasn't going to buy it for him and he was on the hold list at the public library. When I finished and loaned it to him he was so grateful and we had made such a connection.

That's what books are all about.

That's what Harry did for people, connected them.


  1. I don't think you'll get any arguments on this one!! :-)

  2. I agree. This book made such a connection for kids, young and old, that it is truly a book to be thankful for as a book and reading lover. I read them right alongside my two 10 and 13 year-old's and we had something magical to talk about over dinner once again!

  3. Agreed! (or is it Hagrid ? :P)
    I grew up with Harry Potter and it's a big part of my culture. It's such a good subject to talk about that it is easy to interact, connect with people. So I can't disagree.