Nov 16, 2011

Books I Am Thankful For: Twilight Series

I really enjoyed Twilight. These were books I raced through and loved. I was a fan of vampires long before Twilight (my favorite always being Stefan Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries when I read those too long ago--for the record, I don't like bad Stefan). They were great reading and escapism.

But here's why I am really thankful for these books--they brought many, many people back to reading YA and they amped up the quality of YA books (and the amount that were published).

I have so many friends willing to try more YA books because of their love for Twilight. We can all thank Stephenie Meyer for that!


  1. Can you believe I have NOT read these? :-)

  2. @Shannon I believe you, because I haven't either.
    But after I saw Twilight 1 ans talked to a friend that read the book I decided to read all of them.
    He explained me that the movie is just a short version of the book so that means people that haven't read the book and only saw the movie lost many information.
    I was lucky to find a twilight book pack on all you can books so now these books will keep me bussy for a while.