Oct 27, 2011

Scary Books into Movies: Misery

Perfect, perfect, perfect! Scary book, totally creepy movie. One thing I have realized while writing these posts is how amazing and important the actors are, especially for scary movies. But for an actor in a horror movie to win an Oscar I think is pretty rare. Kathy Bates did it in this movie.

They made one big change from the book tot he movie that I really enjoyed. In the book she cut off one of his feet. In the movie she "hobbled" him. It was so much more effective. My feet hurt for weeks after watching that!

A movie with only two people in it shouldn't be this creepy but, it was and it was awesome!


  1. You are really choosing some good ones, Jana. This one was creepy! The ankles thing just killed me! :-)

  2. i loved the movie, kathy bates rocks!!