Sep 30, 2011

How Long Do You Give a Book?

Okay, here are some questions for you.

*How long (either time wise or # of pages) do you give to try a book before you stop reading it?
I normally have a 100 page rule, but I find that I have five books on my currently reading list that I am into more than 100 pages. I just can't seem to give them up and here's why. They are all either ARCs sent to me by publishers or egalleys from NetGalley. I feel super bad for giving up on them!
And I don't dislike any of these books. My life is in sort of upheaval right now (it's fall, busiest time of year, my back is in turmoil, my son is having issues with his Crohns, and a lot of new and great TV is starting up). So, I can't focus on any book and I am so tired in the evening that I get no reading done.

*Do you ever feel like you can't stop because it was an ARC you were sent (either as a surprise or by request)?
One of the books I am currently reading I practically begged one of my contacts for. I just feel like I am letting her down if I don't finish it. The others I don't feel as badly about, but I still feel bad.

Let me know what how to cut some of these books loose so I can move on to some of the awesome ones I got in my fall order for my library!


  1. I'm having the same problem, Jana. I have so many AWESOME ARCs and egalleys, but NO TIME to read any of them. I have so much guilt it keeps me up at night. :-)

    I'm not sure what the answer is, other than letting it go and moving on.

  2. I try really hard to read the print ARCs I specifically request. I'm really picky about requesting them because of this. I'll only request if I'm 99.9% sure I'll like the book enough to finish it, but you never know.

    I figure print ARCs cost money to produce and ship and I feel bad if I don't make that expenditure worthwhile by posting a review. If I really can't finish the book (either because I'm too busy or because I don't like it at all) then I try to pass it on to another reviewer.

    E-galleys are less of an expense on the publisher's part (I assume?) so I don't feel as bad if I DNF them.

    I know posting around the release date is supposed to be ideal, but as a blog reader, I actually like it when someone posts their review a long time after the release date. I have an awful memory, so I like getting the reminder about the book months (or years) later. I wouldn't stress too much if you miss the release month. Your review will still be helpful.

    At the end of the day though, you need to be happy. There are more important things to stress over than your hobby (which should be fun).

  3. I will admit I got in an ARC frenzy for awhile. Then I got on some lists and get some sent that I don't request. The biggest thing that has changed from when I started all this is my library budget. When I moved from elementary to middle school I had a bunch more money to spend on books and got to buy more books off my TBR lists.

    I also like to see posts from older books. Sometimes I think when a book is released everyone has a review on it and I know I will read it anyway. I love seeing older books reviewed, especially ones that I have in my collection!