Jul 29, 2011

Food From Fiction: UPDATE

A few weeks ago I waxed poetic about Fried Fruit Pies that were brought to my mind from a book called Sixteenth Summer.

I commented on how much I missed McDonalds Fried Apple Pies. So sad that they are gone.

Well, I have some interesting news...Pizza Hut has mini fried apple pies that are coated in cinnamon and sugar. They are SUPER GOOD! Not quite as good as McDonalds, but since I cannot find anywhere near me that has any fried fruit pies, these will have to do!

Just wanted to pass that along!


  1. OMIGOSH, is it sad that I base my pizza choice now on what I'm feeling for dessert? They have such delicious desserts! Papa Johns has a delicious cinnapie I can't resist either!

  2. Jana you are going to make me so fat!!! I must find a local Pizza Hut ASAP. They sound delicious. Thanks for passing on the info :)

  3. Jen: I will have to try the cinnapie! That sounds great. And these fried apple pies are super good. Makes me hope McDonalds will bring theirs back.

    Small: I keep thinking I want to get an order and then run home and eat them with vanilla ice cream. YUM!