Jul 6, 2011

Food From Fiction: Fried Fruit Pie from Sixteenth Summer by Michelle Dalton

I read and reviewed Sixteenth Summer a bit ago. It was a good read about a very sweet summer romance. One thing stuck with me long after the book, though and it had nothing to do with the romance. There was a part in the book where some of the characters ate fried fruit pies.

And my mouth has watered ever since!!

Remember the fried apple pies from McDonalds? (There is even a facebook page devoted to these) I miss them! They should bring these back as a special once or twice a year I think. I would definitely be in line for those! I bet a peach fried pie would be outstanding as well.

Alas, I have no place around where I live that I can buy one so I have set out to try and find a recipe so I can make them.

The one I am going to try is Paula Deen's from Food Network.

I haven't tried it yet (waiting till fall) but I have tried and made these: Apple Pie Pockets. They are easy to make and so very good to eat. Print out this recipe and give them a try.

And if you've ever made fried fruit pies, share the recipe with me!


  1. I ate a fried fruit pie (or two) when we lived in the South. There was a cool little diner on the outskirts of West Memphis that served them. Yum! Not very healthy though but yum!

  2. I've never made a fruit pie before! This post is making me hungry! I loved all the food in this book!

  3. Oh my, that sounds absolutely delicious. I could get myself very overweight with fruit pies :)

  4. When I was talking about this with my friend I brought up McDonalds Fried Apple Pies. Those were the BEST and I have been craving them ever since. I am glad they've gone away because I would be down there everyday this summer!!

  5. Jacinda:
    I have made the hand held pies, but not fired. I want them to be fried! I want the fat for once!

  6. Peaceful:
    I have been craving them for a few months now but can't find them around here. I guess I need to try making them...