May 20, 2011

Favorite Chapter Books (& Some Adult Books)

So here's the rest. I added some adult books in there because I do love some adult books--I put the first book of the Stephanie Plum series (One For the Money) and Dennis Lehane's excellent Kenzie/Gennaro series (A Drink Before the War) because I love those series, all of them are good. Also, one of my favorite adult novels on this list is The Kindness of Strangers. I just loved it, it brought out some strong emotions in me, but it is also one of those that I would not read again, because of those strong emotions!

There are a lot of contemporary books in this list! But, that's because they are sticking with me the most right now. I don't know whether or not Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing is really a favorite, but I know Judy Blume is a favorite and I couldn't make this list without one of her books! And I did love The Giver but what I loved about it (and Hatchet and A Wrinkle in Time, which are not on the list--because I had set my limit at 40) was that it was one of those books I discovered as an adult and I it made me remember how much I loved children's lit and that I needed to read more of it!

There is one book on this list that I will be posting more about next week and that is The White Mountains by John Christopher. If anyone has read that I would love to hear from you! His books are so good and so little known! He was writing dystopia before dystopia was cool.


  1. ALL great choices, although I admit I haven't read several of those. Ahhhhhh! I can't keep up. :-)

  2. I love The White Mountains (and the whole trilogy)! We had to read the first one for school (um, over a decade ago...) and I immediately went out and got the other two books to read on my own. I would love to see them gain more popularity now that there's such a strong dystopian craze in YA.

    I'm (finally!) reading Percy Jackson now. Glad to see it's on your list. :)