Apr 8, 2011

Stop & Start (& a Couple Links)

First of all the links:

*Suzanne Collins & Gary Ross gave a great interview about the movie making process so far. It made me excited for their vision. Then again, after reading this post about how the people at Lionsgate act I almost decided NOT to see the movie. I mean seriously, don't they realize that the fans' enthusiasm--especially book bliggers-- is one thing that will really drive this movie? Bad move Lionsgate, bad move.

Secondly, I have a problem. I like starting books. I do like finishing them as well, but last week I found myself with six books that I had started. I know I will finish them all eventually, but for some reason I kept picking new ones up (I know the reason, pretty covers).

(Of course, Simon & Schuster Galley Grab doesn't help. Their books are no longer available after the release date. At least with NetGalley you can normally still read them even after the release date. But those S&S people are clever, I find myself reading books I might not have read normally because it was about to expire!)

Do you also have this problem? Are you a book starter? I normally give a book 100 pages, if it hasn't got me by then I stop reading. What is your rule for stopping a book?


  1. I don't have a hard rule for when I stop. I usually try to trudge through, but sometimes I find that I put a book down and never went back to it. Then I shrug and move on. :-)

  2. I have books started all over the house: the living room, the bathroom, my bedside table, etc. That helps me always read something and I feel less guilty if I abandon a book!