Apr 20, 2011

Random Buzzers

I just have to tell you about Random Buzzers. It is this awesome site run by Random House and each week they have a different book they spotlight with an author interview. But the best part is the giveaways they have! I have won FIVE books from them since the beginning of the year! You should definitely check it out.

(if you sign up from this post my username is janaw--they might ask for who refered(?) you).


  1. I just signed up! Do you want to share your username in this post? When I registered it asked me for the username of the person who had told me about the site. Maybe you win something for being a referrer??

  2. I've been there before, but I don't understand how the site works. It seems really confusing to me. ?????

  3. I "follow" it in Google reader which makes it a little easier, but to find the featured events (author interviews, giveaways, etc...) Click on "books" then right under that "featured books". Hope that helps!