Apr 6, 2011

The Hunger Games Casting Debate...

Needless to say I was disappointed in the casting that went on for The Hunger Games (the male roles anyway), but what I have found most interesting was the debates going on in the comment sections of some of the blogs. And since this is my blog I decided that I want to add somethings.

*It drives me nuts how people complain about the ages. Since when does that matter in an actor or actress? I don't think any of them look too old. And for the ones that whine that Jennifer Lawrence will be too old by the third movie-bah! First of all, there might not even be a third movie--let's see how the first one does. And second of all, look at the lives these characters lead...do you think any of them actually look young. By the third book Katniss (and Peeta) had survived TWO Hunger Games. Do you think they really still look like fresh faced teenagers? The ages of the actors have no bearing on my feelings. (And seriously, look at the ages of any actors on the high school shows on TV--why is that acceptable to fans but the ages in the movies actors are not?)

*I think it is nice that Suzanne Collins & Gary Ross released statements defending the castings, but I almost wish they hadn't. They made the decisions, just prove to us that you are right by making an awesome movie.

*I think that the movies will do fine. Think of all the people who whined about the Twilight casting (and how truly horrible the first movie was) but yet it still made a ton of money. I think that these movies will follow that. But, at this point I would even say I am not going to go. There are other things that have added to that decision and it started before the cast was even announced (but is other certain actors had been cast I would have for sure decided to go even if it looked terrible). However I will totally reserve that decision for when I start seeing images and a trailer.

*I also try to judge a movie based on the movie and NOT compare it to the books. It's hard to do, but a good movie should attract people who never read the book. I do believe that the team and company behind the movie can pull this off.

*So there are my thoughts. I am glad people feel strongly about what is happening. I do hope the cast clicks and was not a mistake and that the movie does well. Time will tell...

**ADDED**I know that there is really only one Effie in people's minds, but I do not think Kristin Chenowith would be a good Effie. I think she would be too over-the-top. Discuss.


  1. I love the first part-why DO people get so worked up?-they did the same with HP. I guess I haven't paid attention to the cast but I am excited to see the movie. I can appreciate the movie for its own worth even if it doesn't follow the book, which this one should if Collins is involved. I was terribly disappointed in how far Lightning Thief went off track though. We'll see.

  2. I concur. Also, your photo of Hunter Parrish is the best yet.

    I also concur that Kristin Chenowith is all wrong. The most caricatured I would go with comfortably is Jenna from 30 Rock, and even then it's a bit much. Effie should definitely be an unknown actress who doesn't carry baggage from other roles.