Mar 14, 2011

Weekend Round Up

So, this weekend I had big plans. I was going to finish TWO books!

I didn't finish two books.

I didn't even finish one!

Last night I couldn't sleep and instead of reading for the two hours I was awake when I should have been sleeping I ended up watching TV.

So, my regularly scheduled Monday Review will happen on Wednesday!

What did you finish this weekend?


  1. I planned on reading last night too, but then a Criminal Minds marathon....and Jurassic Park.... and Chopped All Stars came on! haha. I did finish I Am Number Four and start Gone this weekend, though.. so I suppose it wasn't a total waste. :)

  2. I got caught up watching The Fab 5 on ESPN. Very interesting story...
    I am almost done with Wither though. Maybe tonight!
    And how can you turn away from a Criminal Minds marathon?!

  3. I didn't finish what I had planned either! I ended up snagging a copy of LIKE MANDARIN by Kirsten Hubbard and have been in a trance ever since. The words are simply breathtaking.