Mar 10, 2011

Admirable Characteristics in Fiction Characters

Sometimes when I read a book something about the main characters really sticks with me and when I recommend that book to a student I want them to see what the main character has that makes them so good and/or noble. Mostly, these are things I want to foster in my own children so I try and get them to read these books (I am moderately successful with this--we take a lot of road trips so we listen to a lot of books). Anyway, here's my list of admirable qualities in fictional characters:

Love: Harry Potter

Integrity: Matt Kruse (Airborn series) (oh man, he is such my literary crush and he has so much integrity!! I am very fond of Matt Kruse)

Wit/Brains: Eugenides (The Thief series)(also a major crush for me!! I adore Gen)

Good Boyfriend Qualities: There are actually a lot of these ones: Sean Griswold (from Sean Griswold's Head), Brian Nelson (from The Dairy Queen series), etc... Tell me your favorite one...

Courage: Alex Rider!! (& Tom Imura from Rot & Ruin)

Okay, here's where I need your help, I can't think of any for Forgiveness, Romance, Chivalry, Family. And you will notice that most of these are boys because I only have boys so I tend to look at things through young men glasses--however, you can do girls if that's what you can think of. And, add some qualities, what do you find yourself admiring in a character?


  1. Okay, I think that you can find a lot of those qualities in If I Stay. The boyfriend Adam is mature and responsible. Mia, the main character, has a wonderful and close family and even though she loses them so much of the book is about them. Mia's father is a wonderful example of how a man should be, I think. Also Mia is not angry with the man that hit them, she thinks about visiting him one day and telling him it's all okay.

  2. Ack! I forgot Peeta! How can we forget Peeta? He falls into the categories of romance, chivalry and, I think, forgiveness. Katniss is all about family.

  3. I think Peeta also fits for integrity.

  4. This is a really interesting post! I can't think of anything now, I'll try to think about it!

  5. They're girls, but for family I adore the Penderwicks.