Feb 22, 2011

Tween Tuesday: The Fourth Stall by Chris Rylander

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Cover Love: I love this cover!

Why I Wanted to Read This:
I love these kinds of books! Middle grade noir, godfather-ish type books are some of my favorites. I was very excited when I read this synopsis! Here's it is from Amazon:
Do you need something? Mac can get it for you. It's what he does—he and his best friend and business manager, Vince. Their methods might sometimes run afoul of the law, or at least the school code of conduct, but if you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can pay him, Mac is on your side. His office is located in the East Wing boys' bathroom, fourth stall from the high window. And business is booming.

Or at least it was, until one particular Monday. It starts with a third grader in need of protection. And before this ordeal is over, it's going to involve a legendary high school crime boss named Staples, an intramural gambling ring, a graffiti ninja, the nine most dangerous bullies in school, and the first Chicago Cubs World Series game in almost seventy years. And that's just the beginning. Mac and Vince soon realize that the trouble with solving everyone else's problems is that there's no one left to solve yours.

I Kept Reading Because:
I was caught up in the story, rooting for Mac and Vince and wanted to see justice done!

Romance?: Nope, but a well written friendship between Mac & Vince that I was rooting for!

What I Liked (&Didn't):
I enjoyed the writing, especially the tension that grows between Mac and Vince. It seriously made me uncomfortable.

The seeds that the author was planting about Vince had me really worried.

I loved this line that Mac thinks during his first face to face meeting with Staples that happens at his house where his mom has offered Staples a plate of Oreos:

"I swear I heard the Oreo scream faintly as his teeth sank in."

The nicknames and histories of the bullies! So funny. I loved that he included PrepSchool, the gossipy bully. Middle school girls can be some of the worst bullies!

I did not like the beating that Mac got, but it ramped up the tension in the book.

What I Would Like to See:
I would like this to become a series, I would definitely visit Mac again! There is a lot of scope for this type of book!

To Sum Up: I adored this book and will be getting it for my library. I have many kids who get that subtle humor and like realistic books with action. Well done!

Book requested and received from HarperCollins!

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  1. Hmmm...good to know. This isn't one I would have picked up on my own. :-)

  2. I got this one too and it looks so fun! I love noir style books and this one sounds hilarious! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed-I can't wait to read it!:)

  3. Excellent! I got this one too and I was hoping it would be great, but I wasn't sure. Your review just gave me a big boost in motivation. I'm happy to hear this is likely something my library kids will enjoy. Thanks!