Feb 24, 2011

Hunger Games Debate Club

The Zap2it Debate Club is back in action. This time debating choices for The Hunger Games dream cast. They did an awesome job!

Their choices for Peeta are my top two choices--Hunter Parrish and Lucas Till. If anyone thinks Hunter is too clean cut for Peeta, check out this picture (and this one). My greatest fear is that Hunter would somehow be offered the part and have to turn it down due to conflicts with shooting Weeds.

Their choices for Gale are superb. I couldn't even pick between the two--Steven R. McQueen and Drew Roy. They are both awesome.

My least favorites were their choices for Katniss. I like the idea of Lindsay Fonesca but I still like Kaya Scodelario best.

And a bonus: Hunter Parrish can sing. Check it out.

What do you think about this cast? Who are your choices?

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