Jan 14, 2011

Quick Draw: Reading Snacks

What do you like to eat while reading? If you got to have an hour or two, to yourself, just to read, what would you choose to have as sustenance to make it through?

Lately, my snack of choice has been chocolate milk (made at home with Nesquik). But, my favorite reading snack is seasonal--sometimes it's ice cream, sometimes it's coffee, sometimes it's warm chocolate chip cookies dunked in milk (but anything that requires two hands can be a problem for holding that book!).

What about you?


  1. Peanut M&M's and an icy cold Pepsi!

  2. M&Ms is always one of my choices too!

  3. I like candy also but popcorn is my favorite. It is easy to eat with one hand, doesn't mess up my book and it is fairly healthy.

  4. Or, popcorn AND M&Ms. That's our favorite movie snack!